Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Nine Postcards, Ready To Be Delivered! (No Story Today)

The Postcard Project is finished! And I have had some interest, so I will be sending several of them out to people across the US. There is still time to sign up on this post, as I will wait until the end of the day and announce the winners tomorrow!

Please join in! It's free!
All you have to do is comment after the blog (some people are finding it hard to leave a  comment on Blogger, so feel free to leave one on Facebook and I will include your name).  That's it!
I will send them to you in the US Mail, and I look forward to sharing my art!

How often do you have a chance to get something for free??

(If you are a local friend, please sign up too - I would love to send you one!)

Each postcard is 6 x 4, on foam core board and will be sent with proper postage. Each is an individual art collage and can be framed. The back of the postcards will not be pristine, as it is impossible to keep the backs from being spattered or have paint run, but you are not framing the backs anyway! :) These postcards are in no particular order. 

Click on picture to see details.

Rose petal, dried small orchid, papers, inks, sequins stamping, Belarus postage stamp, and paints.

Art flower, Dresden Scrap bird, sequins, papers, stamping, Netherland postage stamp, and paints.

Butterfly punched paper, dried small orchid, sequins, papers, gem, stamping, and paints

Dried orchid, Dresden Scrap bird, Norway postage stamp, sequins, stamping, papers, beading, and paints.

Beading, stamping, papers, gem, applique, lace, and paint.

Flower applique, lace, Netherlands postage stamp, papers, flower gem, stamping and paints.

Metal corner, 3 colored mini glass beads, sequins, stamping, papers, and paints.

Dried rose petal, dried orchid, metal heart, stamping, papers, and paints.

Leaf applique, tiny bird brad, stamping, papers, and paints.

Would you like to receive one? 
Be sure and sign up today 
Winners named tomorrow!

Come see my latest postcards I've received on Postcards Buffet!


  1. I would love to receive one but I live in the UK?

  2. Hi Rebecca! Thanks for letting me know about these. They are too adorable and I recognize the techniques. You used them all in such a delightful way. I know people will love them.

  3. Signing up!!! Love them all!! Love you!!

  4. I love your postcards! I'm a huge fan of dimensional and textured elements in art. Thank you for doing this. I am rbm3579 on flickr and swap-bot if you ever want to do a private trade. cheers

  5. I just discovered your blog - I love your work, its gorgeous. If you ever feel like giving away another card - count me in, I will treasure it.


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