Monday, February 20, 2012

Quick Art Postcard

As I have been considering how to make a "quick art" postcard, I thought back to the first collage I did on Tyvek and how dark it turned out, but how great it has been for other uses, so I dug it out. I have only half or less of the original piece left, so I cut out part of it to use for the postcard. I glued it to a card I had in my stash which was ugly, but unused. Then I sewed around the edges to make sure it stayed down. I did some detail work on it using oil pastel, Interference Violet acrylic paint and Silver Leaf pen. And voila, it was done!

(click for details)

Now I will turn my attention to doing another big size collage on Tyvek. It really is handy to have as a resource! This card is going to Russia, the receiver had stated that she liked handmade cards so I am hoping she will be pleased with this one!

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  1. this is gorgeous! i'm a member of Postcrossing and i've been giving the idea of handmade cards a thought!
    you've really peaked my interest now :D ~victoria~

  2. I love this postcard! The art and colors are great!


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