Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Scrap Postcard and a Story: Love Poem

I have been trying, by spending increments of time, to go through all the stuff I have stashed in my studio. A lot of it was moved in bulk from the room on the second floor where my studio used to be, and then more was dumped on top as I continued to clear through that room slowly. Also, I have a habit of tossing things aside as I go through items while I am creating my art. Then when I have to stop, my energy is so low I walk off and leave it strewn all over my art table, and other flat surfaces. My desire is that I would develop better habits, and that means taking the time to put things back. And that means, sometimes I have to stop before I want to, so I can clean up!

So I am finding small treasures I forgot I had, and pieces of art that didn't work for whatever reason at the time, and were put aside till I had an "aha!" moment to finish them. One such piece was this postcard:

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I had been experimenting with transferring images to art and this one did not work as I had hoped. So it was laid aside, and, subsequently buried. When I came across it, I immediately had some ideas to finish it and this is what came out:

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I used scraps I had saved from other art creations, used a little acrylic paint, paper tape, Prima fabric flowers, brads and metal letters. It also includes pastel oil crayons and Stabilo pencil. Seems like I always forget to sign the pieces before I photograph them!

46th in the Tuesday Story Series

This is not a story per se, so I will say that right up front. I have had a difficult week with sleep issues and also a very unpleasant reminder that this illness is not easily understood by others. As I reminded myself that my value is not based on how people view me, but in the love Christ showers on me, I also thought about a gift my husband gave me a two weeks ago on Valentine's Day.

My husband is a hard working man, diplomatic and fair by nature, and highly intelligent. He works hard in his field of environmental engineering issues and one reason he is so good at what he does is because of his linear mindset. He can shut out noises, distractions, and focus intently on his work. He has had several papers published in his field and I can admire them, but I cannot understand the content, because I am not an engineer. My mindset is global, I am easily distracted, and this illness makes it easier for me to be overwhelmed. So, we are very different, yet as the pastor said who married us many years ago, we "fill in the gaps" for each other. He is my best friend, and has been a constant companion in an illness that affects both of us. John is not given to "Hollywood Romance", rather his love language is to serve others. I love ordinary romance and so we try to balance it out. This year for Valentine's, he did a most romantic thing for me - he wrote a wonderful poem. I want to share it with my readers (with his permission).


To deepen mystery;
To explain the unexplainable;
To find harmony in the unattainable:
This is the wife I love!

To take the pedestrian object;
The many random papers crimpled;
To not overlook the small or simple:
This is the wife I love!

The unattached string of thread
Is woven into tapestry;
So that abstract becomes reality:
This is the wife I love!

A life of art and balance,
Of complexity spun in serenity,
Understood only in its purity:
This is the wife I love!

To her God she sews, paints,
Draws, sub-creates,
With prayer: "May I
Achieve more than I am able",
To be presented before the 
World's table:
This is the wife I love!

My love for you deepens with each passing year.
John    2/14/12

My art fascinates him, because it is done so differently from how he paints (yes, he paints - we have several of his paintings in our house). It means the world to me that he appreciates what I do, even though he doesn't understand the process. And that is what is so wonderful about being in love, appreciating and applauding what the other does, rather than expecting and demanding sameness. What a wonderful husband I have!

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  1. I am falling over backwards as I am so impressed and moved by John's poem!!!! You two are truly blessed above all measure to have each other and to be able to love as you do! Praise our Lord above for the way He has truly blessed y'all. I am thrilled to be related to two such fabulous people!!! Love you both!

  2. Blessed you are to have such a wonderful partner in life. I have one too,what more could one ask.
    beautiful poem........hugs

  3. It is the best acrylic paint,paper tape,prima fabric flowers,brads and metal letters.It all are so beautiful.It includes pastel oil crayons and stabilo pencil.

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  4. Rebecca, I just read the poem that your hubby wrote you--WOW. That is so sweet and personalized. How great is that! Also looked around at your art (which is wonderful, by the way.) I love your use of color and textures.

    I was also reading about your dog. So sorry to hear that you are having problems with her. You really don't know how she was treated since she was a drop off--she may have been abused. It sounds like she is trying to be the lead dog to me also. I wish I had an answer for you, I know how upsetting it can be to have an animal that you love and have to face the possibility of putting her down. I have been blessed. I have 4 rescue dogs, 5 cats (4 of them are rescue) and a rescue horse (I also have three other horses besides the rescue). I guess God figured that I took in so many that he gave me good "kids". I hope that you find a solution for your girl. I know there must be something that you can do.

    I have become a follower so I can pop in and visit often. Your site is lovely.

    Hope to chat again.


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