Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Another Milk Carton Page, and A Story, The Messy Artist

I finished this page from the Milk Carton Book series right before the old camera died. Here it is now, front and back:

 Page 3, Front
(click for details)

Page 3, Back
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I had purchased some special Japanese papers, and was looking for a chance to use them, one is on the front page, and one is on the back. I had a tiny cloth kimono, which I fixed onto a cut out map piece, which was attached to plain black card stock. There is also a tiny origami crane on the map as well. I also added 3 metal fans, and a little plastic card illustrating the written images for the picture images, although I will say that they may be in Chinese. I love the red veined paper, and scattered some black paint around. On the back, I collaged some strips of the other paper, which has a fabric feel to it, and added some gold foil lanterns, and went around the edges with a gold leaf pen. It's hard to see, but the gold and reds in the back sheet has a foiled, shiny look.

A Messy Artist
55th in the Tuesday Story Series

First, I will say that all artists are messy. You can't help it. Now I will admit that there will be certain degrees of messiness, as some of us sort of follow behind ourselves, putting things back when they are through with them. I have an excuse - I have a chronic illness which makes me have to lie down, before I may have had a chance to straighten up. Not saying that I would if I were a well person, you understand, but it does make a good defense! Anyway, if an artist is showing a technique, or giving a workshop, his or her studio will usually be in pristine condition before the camera starts rolling. But that is NOT how they create art when nobody is looking!

Now, I just purchased a new camera that has movie making capabilities! Yesterday I took a couple of trial runs with that feature, and then had difficulty figuring out how to load them onto the computer. This morning, a bit more clearheaded, the Lord answered prayer by having it happen very smoothly. No, I don't know what I did differently other than turn the computer off, went to bed, then turned the computer back on this morning.  I impulsively took a video tour of my studio, and that is why I preface this with how natural it is to be a messy artist. I was so excited to have it working, I didn't bother to straighten ANYTHING up in preparation. You will see paint bottles lying on their side, stacks of stuff, a brown paper bag waving around on the floor. I described some things wrong (John's arrowheads are called sharks teeth, and a otter is called a beaver!) and it is out of focus more than in focus. I called something else by the wrong name - I don't remember what (I blame brain fog), and at one point, the camera simply stopped filming, but I think I was able to make it into one movie. I can't figure why the focus was giving me such trouble (when I shot a view out the window, even the trees were out of focus!). I can tell you that what you are seeing is after several attempts, and at the end I was standing too long, and had orthostatic intolerance flare up and fled to my bed to stay flat for a while, so don't be too hard on me, you can hear the tiredness in my voice toward the end. You may laugh while you view it, but please, not in derision! :)

And so...TA DA!!! Welcome to my studio!

Well, no....... now I am told the video is too long. sigh. I will see what I can do about that, but I am not promising anything right away! :(

OK, now I learned how to edit and we will try again..... (the editing is a bit raggedy)


boy it's been a long day

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