Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Hate to say this.....

...but I'm going to have to give up a regular Story time on Tuesdays. My fibro pain, caused by the ME/CFS, is just too bad. My fingers hurt and it is painful to type. In fact, if I didn't have spellcheck, you wouldn't be able to read this! I will still add stories, but just not always on the same day. If I have the energy, and less pain, my first choice is going to be art. So, to the small but faithful group who read my stories, thank you, and I apologize, but please try to visit on a regular basis to read whatever I have time to write.

And to my friend Chris in Brisbane, the link for the vintage goodies I posted about is http://www.etsy.com/shop/SongbirdsNest

Come see my latest postcards I've received on Postcards Buffet!


  1. Thanks for the link, Rebecca - she's on holidays so will check it all out further later on. Can't imagine the pain you feel- look forward to your posts when you can manage them.

  2. Pooh! I love your stories! I am so sorry that the pain has gotten so bad, I can totally understand though. I love you and am always praying!


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