Friday, July 13, 2012

Another Postcard In The Making

Using the leftover piece of milk carton paper from yesterday, I folded it in half to make another postcard. This time I glued a piece of baby wipe which had been used when I was working on a painted piece of art, and was nicely stained with colors of paint. After gluing it, I stitched it just to make sure it wouldn't move, since it's textured and it will eventually go around the world. 

(click for detail)
I also used some rubber stamping over the baby wipe

(click for detail)
I briefly considered using some images cut from wallpaper samples....

(click for detail)
.......then looked at some international postage stamps....

(click for detail)
....and chose to go with the stamps, plus an interesting scrap of ribbon.
Next, I put a stencil over it and pushed heavy gel medium through the stencil and am currently waiting for it to dry to continue with the creation. Hopefully, you will see it finished tomorrow!

We've had a rainy day here today and yesterday. A cool front came through with rain, which we really needed. Yesterday morning and this morning, I even had my studio window opened for a few hours, it was so pleasant. Never would have happened in Charleston! I know it will get hot again, after all it is July, but we are enjoying it!

Also, something which is good news is that ampligen, the one drug which showed promise for ME/CFS/FM sufferers is finally back on track for continued testing. It will be a while yet before it becomes available, but the idea that it could help millions of sufferers is very encouraging! If you're interested in reading about it, here's the link.

PS - I notice that I get a lot of people reading my blog, and I would LOVE to have some comments, even if it's just to say "hi"! I feel like I'm speaking into space and nobody's listening. Since I am not able to get out and socialize, it's brings a smile to my face to see your words. Please comment!

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  1. woo hoooo! I'm the first commenter! :D

  2. And I am second! Love you Sis! Can't wait to see the finished postcard!


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