Friday, July 20, 2012

Canvas Postcard

I had a 7 x 5 canvas which had something painted on it, and it was in my scrap box because I really did not care for it. So I pulled it out and spent some time altering it for a post card.

Using a light coat of gesso, and then wiping some of it off, I stenciled some black dots, and added some stamped stars. Next was a cutout piece of red paper, and a rusted iron ring, then using my favorite number stencil, I added a layer of heavy gel medium. After it dried, I started layering paints and wiping and laying some more. I also used micron brush tips and spica pens. At the end, I used some touches of gold Rub & Buff. If you are wondering why I bothered stenciling the dots and adding the stars, it adds depth, and if you look at it closely, they are there. Your mind sees what your eyes cannot sometimes and so you perceive depth!

And it goes into the mail today!

Feeling very tired today, and not nearly as up as I was yesterday. Will probably be spending more time today resting. Still learning about pacing and eventually I hope I will get the hang of it. Thankful for all of the prayers which have gone up on my behalf! And for those who asked about the address of the Etsy Shop from yesterday's post, I haven't forgotten - I will list it for you as soon as I find it! :)

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  1. nice, mom! reminds me of some of Jasper John's work :)


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