Monday, July 9, 2012


It took while to get my new camera (Canon SLR EOS Rebel T3i), then I had to find the memory card for it, with John driving, came home, realized I got the wrong one, and then go back to the store this morning, with Tabitha driving. Hurrah though- it's working well, and here some of the first pics from the camera, with apologies because it's going to take me a while to finesse all of the fine points of this thing! 

Our sweet girl, Abby, one of our dogs.

Tabitha the country girl, on her way back from dumping the compost.

Kit, Tabitha's sweet girl, looking quite regal.

Across the road, shot from the front porch.

Buddies, but not in good focus!

The back gate and the pergola, with the barn in the background.

Pink geraniums.

Playing around with the effects on a piece of old iron & flower pots.

Same here.

Lantana blossoms.

Portulaca which volunteered from last year's plantings, next to a thrift plant; it's our "rock garden"!

Click on anything you want to see closer!

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