Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Miss Rebecca Buys a New Book

I've been watching Monk reruns for the past several weeks, and as any Monk aficionado knows each episode is entitled Mr. Monk and...whatever the episode covers that week. I thought I'd use a take off for my Blog title. :)

As I am getting ready for my first workshop, Mixed Media Melange, which begins on Friday, I have been gathering and stocking supplies. While at a local (well, local as in Greenville, a little more than a half an hour away) artist's supply store, Doug behind the counter asked me if I had seen a certain book and brought it over to show me. He had seen all the acrylic paints I was buying and thought I would be interested in this particular book, and I sure was! It is opening new doors in my mind as I contemplate this new path.

Patti Brady is a local artist and is also the Working Artist Program director for Golden Artist Colors, Inc. She spent most of her years in California and moved to my area in 1999. This is a fantastic book for branching out creatively and I am slowly trying to absorb the information. I will be reading this in conjunction with the workshop I will be taking. (I mentioned earlier that one of the workshop leaders is also a Golden artist - Chris Cozen). The book also includes work and techniques from other local artists and I would show some more pages, but I don't want to infringe any copyright laws!

Switching now to the weather.........this morning at 5 AM we were awakened by a violent thunderstorm, in 30 degree weather! It started the dogs barking and was certainly a surprise in January. The earlier weather report was calling for snow showers today, but thankfully they seemed to skirt our area and stayed North of us. Yay! I'm happy about that!

I am so happy there are only SIX days left in January!


  1. I know where that snow went...
    it's in my yard right now
    and still coming down at
    2-3 inches per hour!!!

    Enjoy your book...learning
    new techniques can be very
    exciting :)


  2. It is so comforting to know that you have the energy to branch out and stretch your wings. God is good!!! I eagerly anticipate seeing the results of the knowledge and imagination you glean from your first workshop! Have fun! Love you!


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