Monday, January 10, 2011


We had a snowstorm come through last night and it continued to snow during the day. Now at 3:46 PM it is sleeting and is supposed to continue during the night. Bleah. Snow is nice, but not with ice on top of it. Altogether we have a foot of snow, deeper than usual for  this area. It snowed on Christmas Day, 2 weeks ago, and we had about 6" then. These picture were taken during other snow times. I don 't have any proper boots to wear, so I really couldn't get any photos today. Just imagine it a lot deeper!

Our Driveway

The barn (the rocks in front are all covered now!)

The dogs enjoying the weather. It's so deep now that the snow
sticks all over the fur of the black one and she doesn't want to go outside!

Neighbor's driveway

I'm still working on my reorganization of the studio and it is coming along pretty well. Tag Tuesday is tomorrow and I think I am far enough along to participate!

Staying warm, down in the South!


  1. The snow does look pretty...especially in the mountains, but I know it's not fun to drive (or even walk..bad knee) in it! It snowed all day here, too and should continue through tomorrow! YUK.
    Stay warm,

  2. Love the photos and I'm glad your reorganization is going well! Stay warm and happy! Love you!


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