Monday, January 17, 2011

Middle of January and ATC

Well, the 17th of January! The New Year is well underway, and so is my reorganization. I have thrown out stuff, and found things I thought had disappeared (which they did, in a manner of speaking) and realized painfully that I just have too much of certain things, and other things I am really not interested in any more. I have things that generous people sent me and items which no longer fit my style, or are simply items I will never use. SO.................
I was thinking about a different kind of Blog Giveaway - the Upcycle Giveaway! Would there be any interest in this? If you read my blog, comment on the bottom and let me know because it will be a week or more before I could do it. I would have to know if there is any interest first!

Also, I did an ATC for a swap on Swap-Bot titled "Funky Fibers", anything to do with fabric, floss, fibers, etc.

Ruby Slippers
(click for detail)

Materials include fabric, netting, ribbon, charm, crystal flowers dyed red, sequin, floss, alcohol ink, Stickles, Sakura pen, distress ink.

So, let me know if you think my giveaway idea would be a good one! I will post it on upcoming blogs too!

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  1. I'm not sure how that works. Is it a swap you are thinking of or a giveaway? I find that I put stuff up for a while and someone will mention using it. That always sparks me to get it out and use it again. You may want to just put stuff in a box in the attic for a while.


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