Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tag Tuesday - Valentine, and a Story: How They Met

For today, Louise at Kard Krazy had the theme Valentine. Even though it's still 3 weeks away, the January weather demands something cheerful, because we sure aren't getting much for cheerful outside! It's rain today, and a mix of rain and snow tomorrow. The poor folks in the New England area are having such bitter cold, and many other areas in the US are sort of just stuck in the January mode, needing something bright and cheerful. So I was happy to design yet another heart themed project! I have another heart theme on this post.

(click for details)

The background is two colors of tissue collaged; then I added two puffed fabric hearts and organza trim. I cut out an image I copied from my stash of old postcards (this one was postmarked 1907), added a double heart charm with a jewel brad and a metal Love sentiment. It's finished off with  Golden glass bead gel touched with silver leafing, and a pink heart ribbon. I very much enjoyed doing this tag!


Today's story (5th in the series) came to mind as I worked on today's tag; it's the story of how my parents met.

When World War II drew in the United States, both of my parents stepped up for the sake of their country. Dad was from a small village in the center of South Carolina, Mom was from a small village in south central Pennsylvania. Dad enlisted in the Navy, and Mom as a nurse in the Navy WAVES. Dad was on a ship off the coast of Germany, near  Bremerhaven, and used to tell us that during that winter, salt water froze on the ship's rails and the seas were so rough, many of the personnel were very seasick and they wondered if the winter storms would ever stop. He contracted pneumonia and later ended up in the hospital stateside. Mom was working on his floor and they met when she was with some other nurses making rounds. They would see each other often, Dad would joke around with her and wanted her to go on a date, but she said no, he was too young for her.Then she found out he was actually two years older, so she finally consented! They spent a lot of time together until Dad was discharged and went back to South Carolina; Mom was discharged as well and she went back home to Pennsylvania. They wrote each other frequently and then Dad had an opportunity to go to New York for a lodge group convention. My grandmother said after Dad left that when he came home, she didn't think he would be alone! Mom and Dad were married in a small outdoor ceremony in her hometown and came back on the bus to South Carolina, living with my grandparents until they went off to Auburn on the G.I. Bill, carrying me along.

Mom and Dad on an outing to Steeplechase Park
before they were married.

An interesting evolution in marriage took place after World War II: for the first time very large numbers of people married someone not from their hometowns. Dad had a brother in the Marines, and two brothers in the Army and they all married women from other states, which happened all across the country. Up until then, people generally married someone closer to home. 

A postscript to this story is that all of my uncles, and of course my Dad, came home safely from the War. It was not always that way for many families, and we are all very thankful!!


  1. love reading about Granny and Pappy, and that explosion of pinks made my day just that much cheerier! :)

  2. what a lovely story! I love posts like this!!!
    your tag is charming!

  3. The tag is absolutely gorgeous!!! It's like Tabitha said, "a pink explosion." I love it! I am so enjoying the remembrances from the past, you know so much more about it than I do, with having done all the research on our family, and I am glad you are sharing it. Love you!

  4. Peggy, a very sweet tag....and a very lovely story. Enjoyed reading how your parents met:)

  5. Rebecca, I'm sorry. Not Peggy. (But still a sweet tag and enjoyable story:)

  6. I love the story of your parents.... and I love the all the texture and dimension on this tag! Beautiful colors and choices.

  7. Gorgeous tag! A Beauty in Pink! And a lovely story!

  8. Lovely tag and such a wonderful cupid image. How lucky you are to have some lovely vintage postcards and happy stories of you parents.

  9. Precious as can be, Love your cupid!

  10. I'm a new follower and have been enjoying reading your blog.
    I've been to Travelers Rest,we have family in North & South Carolina.
    You are very creative. Hope we can be friends.

  11. Beautiful tag! I love all the textures and layers.


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