Friday, August 3, 2012

Week's Catch Up

I had a rough beginning to the week, but am feeling somewhat better today. I had a wonderful phone call from our assistant pastor asking about me, which was very encouraging. I really appreciate it when people sort of "check in" to see about how it's going. I've had some encouraging emails too and it's great to know that more and more people who know me are understanding this illness better. And then another friend stopped by with a meal for me, knowing it would be something I liked. How great was that?

This summer has been a disappointment in the flower department. Usually by now, we have impatiens all around the old stump, and I would sit on the porch as weather permitted and enjoy looking at them. Another dear friend had planted them for me this spring and I was really looking forward to their growth, but instead, we watched helplessly as they slowly dropped their leaves and then collapsed in a mini pile of mushy plants. I did some research and figured out why. Earlier this year, John had purchased a chipper for all of the dead tree limbs which fall around our property and had a nice pile of chips for mulch. He lovingly spread them over all of the flower beds. However, there are two things which will prevent you from having bountiful impatiens growth - lack of water, and too much water. The little wood chips held water, and since where the flowers were planted is the same area for the drain from the A/C, there was always lots of water, which is one reason why they have always done so well there. But the wood chips changed that equation and sadly, there are one or two scraggly plants left and I think their time is coming. And my friend put in four flats of impatiens! Once they get too much water, that's it, there is nothing more you can do for them. Live and learn!

In the other beds, we tried some different kinds of flowers than we have planted there in the past, and they just don't suit the area. So, it's been kind of a disappointment not to see  what we had hoped to see. But there is always next year!

We had bluebirds and Carolina wrens nesting at either ends of the front porch. The bluebirds were in the nesting platform, and the wren was in a hanging plant. Every time I came out to water, the bluebird would flee the nest. But when I got around to the plant with the wren, she would wait until the first drops of water came down and then hop out to a nearby bush, scolding me fiercely. Each mother hatched a lovely family and they all left a few weeks ago. We had bluebirds in the yard boxes as well. 

That's about all I can write for today, and I hope everyone has a safe and fun weekend!

How the impatiens looked in the past (and will again!)

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  1. That's pretty good detective work in finding out why the flowers drooped. I'm glad that people are calling and checking up on you! Love you!

  2. it probably doesn't help that there are dogs running through the flowers twice a week ;)


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