Tuesday, December 9, 2014

And Now The Finished Project!

Yesterday I posted some pictures of an encaustic project I was working on, and left with a picture of tiny little soldiers in a marching band. These little figures are from the 30s or 40s, meant for cake decoration, but not to hold candles. Each figure had an instrument - drums, tuba, flute and more. I attached them, as you will see and finished the piece.

I used the heated X-acto knife to trim away the ends of the ribbons ....

.... then it was time to pull off the blue painter's tape which I always use to keep the sides clean from drips and stains.

And here is the final piece! It's called Marching Band. The hot X-acto knife also cut off the red pegs at the bottom of each soldier, and then I pushed them gently into the warm wax. As you can see, the colors still come through the wax, even though there are many layers on it.

And so - TAAA DAAA - another new piece of artwork from Bellesouth Studio!

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