Friday, December 5, 2014

Coming Back Home

Today a sweet and dear friend took me over to the place where some of my art and photography was hanging, and helped me take them down and pack them up for bringing back home. My husband is still in a lot of pain with his back, so he wasn't up to doing it, and actually, I sat while she took them all down. I thought perhaps I'd feel sad or dejected at having had them up since the second week of October with only one sale, but I didn't. I felt grateful.

A young couple opened a bakery and bistro in Travelers Rest called Upcountry Provisions and are big supporters of the arts around our town and in Greenville. They had asked me would I show some of my works there, which I was happy to do. And one of them sold! Of course, the hope was that many would sell, but that was not to be. But I am still grateful.

I received good feedback from friends who had been there eating and told me of the great comments people had made. (By the way, the food is excellent!) After all, it's not a gallery, people were coming inside to eat, not to buy art. But for me it was a chance to get my name out, since I cannot do live art shows. I am grateful that Cheryl and Steve asked me and I am grateful for the comments about my "wonderful art". And I will hang more art and photographs in March 2015, with a small reception and mailed invitations. I am happy that they are so supportive.

And now the photograph below can hang once again over our sofa!

Standing By The River At Campbell's Bridge

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