Thursday, December 4, 2014

In The Studio

One of the things I love about having a studio of my own, even if very small, is that along with my art supplies and mediums, I can add whimsey where I want. In my former life, before becoming ill, I was an antiques dealer and there are many things still in my possession which I like to use in our home. So, once the studio was painted and the main pieces put in, I immediately knew of a few things waiting in a closet which would fit in perfectly!

This is Babbette, whose name changes on a whim, depending on my mood. She was Emilie', then Antoinette, and a think a few other names over the past couple of years. She is an old French mannequin bust, and for some reason, her neck is hinged to fold backward. I still haven't figured out why they made her that way! She is bald, but wearing a bride's wreath of glass beaded flowers and leaves, and a antique lace chemise top with lovely lace and buttons. Her look has been updated with a pair of rhinestone glasses from the 50's. She shares the vintage teal stool with a pitcher from the early 1800's. Other crocks hold brushes and artist paraphernalia. On her left is a very old Chinese paper fan with hand painted designs. Since she has no arms, she has no need for a fan, but I liked the way the colors compliment each other. Oh, I almost forgot to mention the tiny French gendarme at the bottom of the bust! He's metal and I think he must have been part of an old set of toys. He looks as if he is directing traffic.

She sits on the corner of my main work table, and even though you can't see it, her eyes are thoughtful. Sometimes I take off the old bead bridal wreath and put on a black Amish bonnet, giving her a somber and earnest look. She seems happy no matter what she is dressed in and I am happy for her company, for she never complains if the music is loud, or if the studio is a mess. Perfect!

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