Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Life Takes A Paws.....

Nothing directly about art in this post, just the art of taking one day at a time. One of our dogs has really bad bronchitis and the other sounds like she was getting it as well. One of our cats has a bad cold, and is sneezing and wheezing, and I've had to wipe his nose with tissue to get the .... well, you know what comes with colds. My husband hurt his back a week ago Monday and is still in pain. Nothing new with me, just the same old sickie I've been the past six and half years. The only one healthy is the indoor/outdoor cat. She sleeps inside at night and spends her day outside. Of course she's healthy!
He's the really sick one.

The vet thinks it's allergy related for the animals. I've never had this happen before! And trying to give dogs medicine is ridiculous SO MUCH FUN! There are three different medicines, one is a antibiotic pill. Now when I call the dog, and he sees me at the counter, he starts backing away. So I coax him with a visual of me reaching into the treat jar.

Treat jar is an old glass Lance Cracker jar, so other dog hears the lid and comes running. Now I have two dogs, one suspicious but not wanting to miss out on a treat and the other not wanting to be left out of anything, but not suspicious. Get close enough to first dog, pry open jaws and quickly stick pill far back into throat. Clap jaws shut just as quickly and coax him into swallowing. Give small treat. Second dog takes any pill wrapped in peanut butter. (First dog hates peanut butter.) Of course, I make them sit while doing all of this - I don't have the energy to chase them down!

Second medicine is liquid, so requires plastic syringe. Measure 2 CCs, pry open dog's mouth, quickly squirt into back of throat, give another small treat. Repeat with second dog.

Third medicine is also liquid, but it has a dropper. Fill dropper, then hold dog's head while you dribble it ON. HIS. NOSE. (No, not kidding!) Repeat with second dog. And give the last of the treats.

Do this 2-4 times a day, depending on how bad they are coughing.


Oh, and the cat? He just snuffles and sneezes, but thankfully no medicine. Dogs are easier to fool with food. Cats have claws.

My husband takes care of himself. I'm grateful.

Now I am going back to rest!

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