Saturday, July 17, 2010

Heat Mirage

Yesterday I was writing about how hot it was, and it made me think of the GC Heat Challenge and that gave me inspiration for a new piece.
I used a 6 x 4 piece of Kromecoat paper, alcohol inks, Tim Holtz Stampers Anonymous stamps and a metallic gel pen. I wanted the man to look as if he were a mirage and I think he does! The edge is bordered by a Gold Leaf pen. So can you feel the heat?

Today it's actually a bit cooler (all things considering) and that made sitting on the porch to watch the birds more enjoyable. I have mixed feelings about my latest guest at the bird feeders - a red tail hawk. So far it's killed 3 doves in 3 days. I know that's the rhythm of nature, I'm just not sure I want it playing in my back yard. This morning he swooped right down and skimmed the feeders with me not 5 feet from it, pulling a weed up! Then we noticed him circling over the pasture next to our property. The birds keep coming though, so I guess I will see how this plays out. I will update as developments occur.

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  1. Your creation is wonderful.. I just love the way that gold Metallic pen looks.. It really does look hot!
    What a story about the hawk.. you will have to keep us updated on that story.. The circle of life... Like you,I just don't know if I want to see it..

    Thanks for sharing today!
    Hugs, Linda

  2. I love this, Rebecca - the guy looks like a wood block print. Super!

  3. this is fabby! it all too hot ;0)

    love Dawn xx

  4. very cool or should I say hot!
    I Love our Birds of prey but hate to think about what they eat sometimes!

  5. Hot, Hot, Hot!!! You absolutely nailed the sense of heat on that card!! As for the hawk, I too would be struggling. I think the only thing I can offer is, are you ready???? Don't look! Maybe it will get hot, hot, hot again and you can stay indoors!! I agree it is the natural order of things but I couldn't bear to watch it!!

  6. Great piece! Thanks for playing the Gingersnap Creations Heat Challenge!

  7. That is not hot baby, it is Sizzling!! Love it! Umbrella Guy is one of my favorites stamps and I so hope it will end up being a Sizzix Die!

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  9. Hey Sis, I love watching Red Tailed Hawks but it is hard to see them snatch up birds,and other small critters. I love your card, I "felt" the heat right away. All your creations are wonderful and it still hurts my head to understand just how you keep coming up with a new idea every time! Love you!


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