Friday, July 2, 2010

A Happy Birthday!

Today I celebrated my 62nd birthday with my husband and daughter. Tabitha made a delicious luncheon of Gazpacho, edamame hummus & crackers and blackened chicken. For dessert, she made a divine dish of Plum Crisp with a mixture of plums and pluets. It is the most exquisite of desserts, especially warm from the oven, with vanilla soy ice cream on it! I do not think I will be eating dinner tonight! My husband painted a little watercolor card for me and gave me an art book, and Tabitha gave me an assortment of beautiful microbeads. And in addition to that, I had a surprise gift - I noticed in the paper an article about the drop in mortgage interest rates, so we called our bank, and we have locked in on a fantastic rate, which will have us free and clear of house payments in just a few years! Joy comes from surprising places sometimes.

I was working on an ATC for a Fontastic Letter ATC swap, where I design a swap using a word my partner chooses. My partner chose gra┼żus (beautiful in Lithuanian) and I came up with this:

I collaged two shades of green tissue and while it was wet, sprinkled art glitter over it. The I cut it into inchies and hand drew a letter, topped that with glue, then added glass microbeads. The background is a patterned tissue paper with distress inks, accented with Sakura starlight pens, and then bordered with a copper metallic marker. More bling than appears in the photo, as usual! I wish I could figure out how to make the sparkle show-argh. Anyway, the gift of beads from my daughter came just at the right time. 

Now, I will go rest some more so I don't overdo it today. It was a great birthday!

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  1. What a truly blessed day you had! Good news on the mortgage, God certainly knows how to surprise us! I love you and glad you are my oh so talented, smart, witty, wise, beautiful and wonderful sister! Your cards are beautiful, as usual!

    Bunches of blessings,


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