Monday, August 27, 2012

Early Morning

First, I'll clarify that for me, early morning is when I awake before 9:30! If I have a somewhat decent night's sleep, I will awaken between 8 and 8:30, which is what happened this morning. It takes me awhile to get out of bed and do what's necessary, so I was happy to have a little bit more time today. I ate breakfast on the back/side porch and took my camera out there with me. Here are some of the things I saw this morning!

I was out in the wet grass for this one, near the porch.

And this one.

I had pink portulaca planted last year, and this year some volunteered, with pink and white flowers!

We had planted trees in pots last fall, and they were sitting under the standing baby tub where the pansies were planted. Imagine my surprise that we now have a few volunteer pansies, even in the month of August!

The old stump which would have normally been surrounded on 3 sides 
with impatiens, but I already told that sad story.

I just love this green moss on the stump!

We also had a volunteer sunflower.

another view

These roses were here when we moved in. They bloom and then in a matter of days they are falling apart. I am not sure if it's what they are supposed to do, or I'm not doing something for them. (?)

In the early hours, the sun just briefly shines on the south side of the stump, which is facing the house. I thought these little toadstools just seemed to glow in the sunlight!

I've noticed that one of the gifts of this illness is that you have time and solitude to see the little blessings from God, which might have been overlooked before!

(Click on any picture you wish to see closer.)

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  1. It is still hot & humid here with no rain . What little we've had does not make up for the drought we have had,so odd for Michigan.
    What bloomed is gone and the yard is covered with leaves,almost as if fall is here.
    I am looking forward to cooler days and a chance to complain once again about winter!

  2. i so enjoyed your beautiful photos!!!!

  3. lovely photos! :) I wonder if the roses are getting trampled by the you-know-whos with white fur....


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