Saturday, August 4, 2012

La Grande Soeur

For some reason, Blogger dumped my post and I'm trying again. The post was erased but the comment I had received was still there. ??? Go figure.

Today I worked on a journal page using some of the vintage papers my husband had given me as a birthday gift a few weeks ago. After laying it out and then gluing down the papers, I realized that my original plan was not going to work, and since the vintage image was already glued down, I had to immediately think of another approach. Many artists have a saying about "happy accidents" and that's what this was for me. Having those kinds of accidents or mistakes really gives you good experience and deepens the learning process.

La Grande Soeur
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In the first go-round, I had layered vintage French dictionary pages, and the vintage image and applied paint. The image was too far up on the paper (what was I thinking?) to work well, and so I began to look at what else I could use and yet not lose my focus point. I tore yellow tissue paper into strips, layering them on with soft gel medium. I added paper flowers, and punched some smaller flowers out of the left over papers. I added more paint, some texture with pieces of grouting tape, layered some more, added a moth transfer and then made liberal use of my oil pastels. I am pleased with this journey, and now I tell myself of course I meant to put the image that high! The name translates into "The Big Sister" and you can see it at the bottom of the page. Happy accidents - gotta love them as an artist!

Lately people have been telling me that I should sell some of my work, but I don't know. I put so much attention and work into them that they become a bit like my children.
But, I'm still thinking about it!

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  1. Long live the happy accidents! This is beautiful, Rebecca.

  2. I think it looks great up there! :) very lovely mom!


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