Thursday, August 9, 2012


You may remember I posted an art piece on the blog on Monday, inviting critique. I really wasn't that pleased with it, and wanted some other view points. The views I received were 100% that it could be improved, so here is the before and after.

(click for details)
(click for details)

I pulled off the tag and the fibers, and sanded down the area. I repainted, collaged scrap papers to the area, added some more paint and then adhered an old clip from my metal scrap stash with some bits of fiber in it. I really do like this a lot more! There is more interest and your eye moves around it better. I think I will save the tags to add to postcards, they don't seem to work well on canvas pieces.

If you want more details about the original art piece, click here.

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  1. hooray!!! so much better! It really does move and looks like a more coherent piece now. lovely!

  2. Why is it that husband's sometmes have really good ideas? Are you feeling a little better these last few days or are you pushing yourself to do stuff? Glad you are working - just love your stuff!

  3. Beautiful! Love you!


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