Monday, August 6, 2012

The Midnight Painting

Another difficult night to get to sleep last night, so up to my studio I went to see if I could get the "wired and tired" down to just "tired". I grabbed a canvas and this is what came from my time in the studio.

Mermaid Illusion
(click for details)

This is a 10 x 10 wrapped canvas. The base was painted in two colors of acrylic and then I added a portion of an old French dictionary page, and two other scraps of paper. On the right is part of a Cavellini postcard I had received, where I succeeded in detaching the body of the peacock from the head when I was trying to separate the paper it was printed on. (If I get more than one of an interesting postcard, I try to reuse it in my art.) I decided - why not just use the tail - so it was placed under the tag I had made earlier. You can't see it, but the tag is covered in granular gel, which is why it looks a bit hazy. I then doodled some shapes, added paint, added oil pastels and tied some colorful couched thread through the tag and out onto the painting. I showed this to my daughter and husband, and this piece got the " I really like it except for...." reaction. My daughter didn't care for the tag, but her first impression was one of a mermaid. My husband has never cared for "those thready things" when they show up in my creations. It's an experiment piece, so I don't mind the critiquing. In fact, I'll step out on a limb here - what don't you care for about this piece? Really, let me know! :)

UPDATE - I redid the painting and it's at this link. Check it out!

While I was on the porch, I took a quick shot of Cossette eating. :)

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  1. You do really good stuff at midnight! I love the colors, and I'm with John, thinking there are too many tails. But since they look like they are a bluish-purple hue, then of course I like it! Love you!

  2. yeah, I really like the lefthand side of the piece best, especially with those hand-drawn shapes! :) They are lovely. The tag shape can sometimes look "crafty" to me.


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