Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Happy Birthday, Kikie!!

My friend Kikie in Arizona has a birthday today, and like last year, I made him a card.

I found this hilarious photo of the fearful statue with a crow aiming for it, on the Internet.  It's one of those floating around with no name attached or I would give credit for it to whomever took this shot. I used some brown cardstock, a piece of an envelope with words printed faintly on it, a small piece of ribbon, and then a textured wallpaper scrap. I attached a metal piece with the letter K punched out of the center, with a brad. On the inside, I placed some stamped paper over the part of the card which had the brad attached so that it was not visible, and printed out a little sentiment and glued it in. I'm afraid that since it was not one of my better days when I made it, it's a bit uneven in places, but I don't think he will mind! :)

I hope that Kikie has a very Happy Birthday!!!

(Click on any picture you wish to see closer.)

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  1. What a creative card,one I'm sure your friend will treasure !

  2. Great card! His Excellency is very fortunate to get one of your art cards! Love you!

  3. Yippee! I was FINALLY able to figure out how to get your blog listed on my front page, the blog list area. Sorry it took so long but fibro-brain needs to take it all so slowly, reasoning it all out. Had it in my profile but couldn't figure out how to get it up front.
    Irene/Upa xx


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