Saturday, June 19, 2010

Another Joy Surprise!

Yesterday I checked the nest where the bluebirds had already raised a brood and found 4 lovely eggs! I had seen them flying in and out of the nesting platform and had hoped they were having another family. I knew that bluebirds often raise two, and sometimes three, families so I was hoping they would feel safe enough to have another family in the same spot as they had the first one. Aren't the eggs a lovely color?

We had put up two nesting platforms, one on the lean-to section of the barn, and one on the front porch. Here's the one on the lean-to:

The front porch platform is currently empty because the Carolina wrens raised their brood a couple of weeks ago. The bluebird nesting box, which had housed a family of chickadees, is still empty also. Chickadees only raise one family a season. The wrens usually build a second nest if they are going to have another family.

I am trying to motivate myself to bring some order to my studio! I do have to finish the second gift for my husband as we celebrate Father's Day and our 29th anniversary tomorrow. Right now, I thought I had better rest so that I don't fall in the trap of overdoing it and pay for it later. I sent 6 postcards out this morning for Postcrossing, one each to Japan, Malaysia, Belarus, China, the Netherlands and Finland. It's a pleasant thought to know that you have been in touch with people all around the world!

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