Friday, June 4, 2010


Nice to have such a great night's sleep and it was nice to wake up feeling like I could "do something"! So.... I planted flowers! I had 3 flats of impatiens waiting for me to transfer to the ground. The plan was to plant a few at a time until they are all in. There is the big, old stump right off of the side porch and the area around it is one of the few places with decent soil. (We are in red clay country-yech!). When we first moved here, the stump was covered with ivy, which had grown extensively around it, and under the porch. It took us a while to get it all pulled off, but when we did, I knew I wanted impatiens to go in there. It's the north side of the house and the perfect place. I planted them 2 summers ago, right before I became ill and they were beautiful in that spot. Last summer I was too weak to plant, but a whole host of volunteer impatiens came up, from plants which had gone to seed the year before. It was the most wonderful surprise! I felt like God had planted a garden just for me and it was right where I sat to watch the birds.

So this morning, I managed to pull some weeds and plant 36 little plants (1 flat) and I hope I don't pay for it tomorrow. I love impatiens - they are very unassuming, humble little flowers but when they are massed, they have such a punch of color. In this spot, they will grow until they are overlapping the edge of the porch. I am hoping I can have them all in the ground by next weekend, since I don't have any doctor's appointments.

While I was planting, the birds were visiting the bird feeder, which is right out from the other side of the stump. I snapped this picture of a male House Finch. I think I need a new camera if I want to get better pictures of the birds! Oh well, that will be awhile!

Here's Taylor, our Schnauzer/Chow blend. She is really in need of a trim! She and Abby kept me company as I planted.

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