Friday, June 11, 2010

In the wind

One of the swaps I joined recently was a Weathered Launch postcard swap, for sending to 2 people. I had to paint on the card or canvas, hang it outdoors for a week and then paint or collage on it again and send it on. I had two Swap-Bot postcards someone had sent me as "extras" and I think they are ugly and had them stuck away. I pulled those out, collaged the front of them, and hung them outside. Brought them back in and used water color crayons and glimmer mist on them and voila:


I think I like the one on the left the best. It was interesting to do and I used up the ugly postcards too! I had to spray them with fixative so that the watercolor wouldn't come off if they got wet. I hope the Post Office doesn't mind the smell and think it's some sort of chemical hazard!

I have been looking at the possibility of buying a laser printer, but the only ones in my price range only print in black and scans in color and I need/want one that prints, scans and copies in color.  The images are so much crisper than an inkjet and that's an important consideration in my art work. However, I will not be paying those kinds of prices! I will have to see what will come my way.

I still don't have the rest of the impatiens in the ground, and next week will be a complete washout because of the procedure I am having done. Maybe I can do a few this evening and a few tomorrow. The only problem with that is then I may be too exhausted to go to church Sunday! Ok, I better draw the line here, or I will start complaining!

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