Thursday, June 17, 2010

On Music

I had a rough night's sleep (must have been the effects of the anesthesia!) but I feel pretty good this morning. John will be gone most of the day (he works from home) and so instead of using the iPod, I crammed the CD player and cranked it up. I'd rather hear music that way, I like to feel surrounded! I was ready for something upbeat so in went two Moody Blues, two Chicago's, several U2s, Eric Clapton Cream of Clapton, two Eagles, two Police and Yanni (no laughing - I like this particular CD!) and then I clicked on random. And away I went! I designed labels for some binders on my shelves, so I would be able to choose the one I want without pulling each out till I found the right one. Then I framed a fun piece which will now be a Father's Day gift:

I was playing around with a leaf stamp, watercolor crayons and liquid watercolors on 5 X 7 cardstock. There's some color pencils and Sakura pens in there too. It looks great in an old metal frame! Then I did this:
Done for fun. Maybe I will save it for when the Asian ATC Series gets to China. Image is from Vintage Printable, printed on handmade paper and altered with Micron pens and color pencil; rubber stamp, chalk ink, and Sakura pens, side images are from the US Postal Service (!) - it was part of a sheet of stamps - accented with Sakura pens. A little distressed ink is dabbed on the sides.
Speaking of these CD's, they bring back some memories of a couple of concerts we attended. One was the Moody Blues when they came to Charleston while we were living there. It was held outdoors in the same stadium where they play the Family Circle Tennis Cup on Daniel Island. It was a absolutely lovely late Spring evening, and it was a fantastic concert. During the evening the moon came up over the river nearby and just added to the whole experience! I even heard my normally reserved husband singing along under his breath.

Then a couple of years later, I returned from a buying trip to England for my antique business I had then, and found out John had purchased 2 tickets for Eric Clapton who was playing in Greenville SC the same weekend as our anniversary. We both love Clapton's guitar playing and so even though I had just returned home, I happily travelled 4 hours on the road a few days later to hear Eric. What a great guy my husband is and it was another great concert! Now that we live out in the country not far from Greenville, it would be an easy trip to hear him again.

This year our anniversary is on the same day as Father's Day and it will be 29 years!

Rocking along here.........


  1. So pleased to hear you are feeling ok after your surgery! I like music out loud too, love my iPod dock :)
    Oh, and by the way - I happen to like Yanni

  2. I think Papa will love the leaves! And the little asian boy (or girl?) is so cute. :)


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