Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Out for the Day

It's off to the Outpatient Surgery I go. I will be pretty much out of it the rest of the day. Thanks to all for the prayers. They give me comfort!


  1. Wishing you well & a speedy recovery!
    Thanks for visiting my little blog in Charleston.
    I LOVE your artwork & your blog is just gorgeous. The header is a dream!!
    See you again soon!

  2. love you, mom!! :) I'll be praying for you all day today!!!

  3. I hope your surgery doesn't slow you down for too long and you mend on the fly! Prayers for you

  4. Hi, It's Jeanette coming to visit my new SC friend. I googled your town and I have visited that area. We spent several months in Anderson near by. Your work is fabulous and I laughed out loud at the man tag. Really cute.

    Get well soon so we can exchange blog visits.


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