Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Simple Treasures

I had two appointments today, and two tomorrow. I'm tired now and haven't been able to do much art this week. I am participating in a Weathered Art Small Canvas Launch swap where you have to prepare 2 postcard size canvases with paint or some other media (I used a postcard  sized something else since I didn't have any canvas handy) and then you hang it outside for a week to "weather". I collaged & Modpoged them and hung them out yesterday. This morning the dogs were with us on the side porch when we were having breakfast and saw the pieces swinging in the breeze in the trees across the side yard and started barking at them. It took us several minutes to convince Taylor and Abby that the pieces were harmless! We had a very strong thunderstorm come through this afternoon, so I will check them tomorrow to see how they held up through it.

In one of my favorite groups on Swap-Bot, we had the monthly drawing for the Winner Take All. A winner is chosen, picks a theme and the rest of us send her an ATC in her theme. The June winner had won before and wanted to pass it on to me. I was hesitant to do that, after all, she won fairly, but then several of the others jumped on her bandwagon and her theme was "Whatever Rebecca chooses as her theme". Ha! Wasn't that a very kind thing to do? This may be a long month for me with a medical procedure I am having done in two weeks, so what fun now to have something pleasant to look forward to!

Having friends like that makes one feel rich! :)

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