Sunday, August 22, 2010

Bloomin' Hot with Fall Colors

For all the clouds we had yesterday, today the sun is trying to do double time to catch up. We did end up having a couple of hours rain so it is still humid. To any readers who read earlier this summer about my planting the impatiens and how I had to do it a little bit at a time, today you can see the payoff. I planted them in an area right next to the side porch where there is a large old stump, as you can see in the pictures.

White morning glories grew up over the stump and added to the colors

In the next two pictures, you can see that some animal has been tromping through and breaking off the stems, which is happening at night. The only thing I can think of is a possum. This is the first year this has happened and I would not like to see it next year!

You can see our frequently used birdbath;
 the feeders are behind where I was standing to take this shot.

 And then, I noticed some leaves out on the grass. A few trees are showing their autumn promise in the midst of the heat. I love autumn, but it brings mixed feelings, because I really dread January, February and March up here. It's all brown, no color and cold.

I grew up in the deep South, and I'm sure there are readers who still consider me to be a part of that locality. In Charleston however, azaleas were out in full force in March, and tulip trees, witch hazel and red bud were showing in February. January always had a few days when it would get into the 60's. Charleston there were only two seasonal differentiations - Hot and Not. Hot was always the longer season, and it very rarely snowed. So, all things considered, I love where we are now, tucked away at the edge of the mountains in South Carolina.

Also, as I stood out in the very hot sun, a phrase I heard growing up came to mind: 

"Horses sweat, gentlemen perspire and ladies glisten."

I was glistening enough to make all my ancestors proud!

Hope your Sunday is blessed!

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  1. It is amazing the results that can be accomplished doing things a little at a time. Your flower garden is wonderful! It's hard to believe that autumn is just around the corner!

    Love you bunches!


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