Saturday, August 21, 2010

Cloudy Saturday

It's one of those days when the clouds hang low and occasionally it sprinkles or even drizzles. It keep the temperature down a bit, but the humidity is high. Out here in the country, it seems quieter than usual, no breezes to make the trees sway and rustle. I am not sure if it will really rain or not. It's just one of those kind of days!

Yesterday I felt strong enough to be in my studio and I got some things done and out of the way for different ATC swaps and mailed some postcards for Postcrossing. One swap was for the ongoing History of the Month's Names. It's been interesting learning the etymology of the name of each month on our present day calendar. Of course, the calendar itself is hundreds of years old, and we still use it as it was set out, including the names given for the months. The first 6 were named for Roman gods and goddesses, and then July and August were named for famous Caesars, then the next 4 months are forms of Roman numbers - seven, eight, nine and ten. The original calendar started off with March as the first month, then January and February were added.

                                          August was named for Augustus:
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It's funny how busts or statues look when they are colored in. They seem to have an other-worldly air about them until the color is added. Now they look like an ordinary mortal! For this ATC, i used Latin text, distress inks, coliseum image, hand colored image of Augustus' bust and some fabric leaves and an old jewelry finding.

I also host a swap on Swap-Bot for a World Tour. We have been to Egypt, Russia, Poland, Belize and now we are in Liechtenstein. (I enjoy finding countries which are out of the ordinary for trips!)
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This is the crest of the country, altered with Spica pens and distress inks, then I tinted a piece of acrylic with alcohol inks and layered that on top. 

This month's winner of a WTA I was in wanted us to do ATCs with the Seven Deadly Sins as the topic. I chose Gluttony.
Well, I don't think anybody wants to look like that!

I'm thankful that I have felt better in the past 48 hours and am trying very hard not to overdo it and have a relapse of any sort. So rest, rest and more rest!!!

Enjoy your Saturday!


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