Thursday, August 5, 2010

A Wren Skinny and Some Musings

(click on picture to see details)

I had a Skinny (3 x 5) due for the Alphabet Series I am in, for the letter W. I had inked the background earlier for another swap which was cancelled, so I used that background for this. I really like it and hate to let it go, but I know the person who is getting it will give it the TLC it needs!

Since I started this blog, I have been exposed to so many artists, art sites, challenges and art supply sites than I ever realized were out there. I have seen so many different techniques and have met so many friendly people that it has been a heady experience. I  had to reexamine my approach to it all the other day, though. I was feeling overwhelmed, slightly depressed, anxious and I really wasn't sure why. I know that this illness tends to have that effect and magnify any symptoms along those lines, but I still couldn't put my finger on it. After contemplation, I realized that I had begun seeing all this as things I SHOULD be doing, SHOULD be learning, SHOULD have in my supply collection and lo and behold, I wasn't having any fun!

I started doing art last September, encouraged by my daughter and husband to try it and give myself something to look forward to. I was beginning to see some improvement in my illness since it began in summer of 08, and I needed something that I could pick up and put down when I needed to, something to pique my interest. I started off slow, with a few swaps on Swap-Bot and found out, I have a talent for this! What a gift from God, and it was fun too! I began my blog in May of this year and have been spreading my wings a bit and finding it very exciting. BUT...... I do not want to lose the fun! So, I will continue to learn and enjoy, but I am happy not being part of every single thing I see. And, I will do things my style, and if it isn't what someone is looking for in a challenge, that's OK-I like it!

I'm dropping the SHOULDS! If I am not having fun, then I don't want to do it. There are too many things in this life that have to be done, and many of them are not fun, but necessary. My art, however, is my choice to have a most enjoyable time, and if I am too tired to do it, that's OK, tomorrow is coming. I am thankful for each time I can sit down in my studio and I look forward in delight to what God brings out of my heart that day!



  1. that's exactly right!!! You brought up some really great points and I hope from now on your artmaking will always be a pleasure for you, that it will bring joy and delight into your life! :)

  2. Yay for daughters!!! And I pray the same for you!! xxoo

  3. Good for you! I totally agree!


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