Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Skinny, Birds, and Dog

We've been seeing the red headed woodpecker frequently at the feeder, and a juvenile one as well. The juvenile is as big as the parent, but its head is black instead of red. You can't tell the gender in these woodpeckers, the male and female look exactly alike so we don't know whether we have the same adult coming nearly every day, or a pair. I guess if we see two out there at the same time, we'd know then! They are so fun to watch.

The artwork for today is a Skinny for the Alphabet series; we're on the letter X.
(click to see details)
I used some copies of ephemera, words from an old book page (where the title comes from), gaffer tape with letters on it and then rubbed gilt on the card and gaffer tape. I've enjoyed this series of swaps and will miss it when it's over.

Poor John has had to get up several times a night because Abby has some kind of stomach illness and has had to go outside to the bathroom a couple of times in the middle of the night. And we noticed today that she has been chewing on her tail and it's bleeding. We called the vet, but they were closed on Wednesday afternoon. Poor Abby, she can't tell us how she feels and we don't know what to do to help her. Calling the vet first thing in the morning!
Here's hoping for a happier doggy tomorrow!


  1. aw Abs :( I hope the vet is able to help! Praying for her this morning!

  2. Poor Abby, I hope too that the vet can help and I'm praying.

    I like the old photo and the frame, and the background of the card. Looks good!

  3. Woodpeckers I am not a fan of - nothing like waking up early in the a.m to the sound of one pecking away under your window! The joys of a cedar sided house.
    I hope Abby is ok, it's so hard when one of our hairy babies are not well.


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